Data Degaussing

Business are facing increasing pressures daily to maintain the confidentiality of client or corporate data. While most of the businesses have well-designed strategies within their network for data security, it is still inevitable when it comes to asset liquidation. If hard drives storing confidential information are not disposed properly, data could still be recovered from them.

As part of our secure destruction packages, SPARC Technologies offers onsite and offsite degaussing services. We can despatch our trained technicians to your premises along with the equipment to carry out data degaussing.

Media types

Data Degaussing include Magnetic Hard disk drives and Magnetic tapes

Onsite Data Degaussing

Flexible to provide degaussing service at your premises. As a customer, you will be able to witness the entire data destruction process.

Certificate of Degaussing

We provide the Certificate of Degaussing upon completion. For offsite service, we provide photos of the degaussing process along with the asset report.